IoT Based Intelligent Outdoor Healthcare Monitoring System for Heart Disease Patients using smart phone and Smart Clothing

International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT)
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Volume - 7 Issue - 2                          
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : M.Arunanand, T.Viswanathan
DOI :  10.14445/22490183/IJBTT-V21P602


M.Arunanand, T.Viswanathan "IoT Based Intelligent Outdoor Healthcare Monitoring System for Heart Disease Patients using smart phone and Smart Clothing", International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT), V7(2): 7-12 Apr to Jun 2017, Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


In this paper a completely different approach for patient management using telemonitoring system is conferred. The watching of any human heartbeat rate and fall detection throughout outing needs wearable sensors for the patient. This paper describes a wireless wearable shirt for posture watching during outing or an out-of-doors. For watching patients at distance, many information technologies will be employed to send physiological signals and falling events to a healthcare center at any time and from anywhere. The topic posture was measured through a sensing element jersey by using associate nursing inductive sensor sewed directly on the material. A systematic review on chronic sicknesses like respiratory organ conditions, high blood pressure, and vas diseases is mentioned here. The incidence of the falling event, pressure level and heart beat rate is at the same time detected using the measuring system sensing element and arm cuff severally. If any abnormalities detected, a notification is shipped to the close health care system. These sensors ar integrated within the commonly using artefact. The world Positioning System (GPS) is employed to search out the relative position of the patient throughout the abnormal conditions.


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ADXL335, blood pressure, shirt, GPS, WiFi, IoT, PIC18F77A, telemonitoring.