Qualitative Analysis of Primary Metabolites of the Plant Clematis Gouriana

International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT)
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Volume - 1 Issue - 4                          
Year of Publication : 2011
Authors :J.Arul Hency Sheela


J.Arul Hency Sheela "Qualitative Analysis of Primary Metabolites of the Plant Clematis Gouriana", International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT), V1(4):4-5 October - December 2011. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


The traditional medicine involves the use of different plant extracts or the bioactive constituents. This type of study provides the health application at affordable cost. Hence in the present study phytochemical screening of so. A primary metabolite is directly involved in normal growth, development, and reproduction. Qualitative phytochemical analysis of these plants confirm the presence of various phytochemicalslikeCarbohydrates,Fats,Vitamins,Minerals,Lipids,Water,Enzymes.saponins.The results suggest that the phytochemical properties for curing various ailments and possess potential antioxidant and leads to the isolation of new and novel compounds.


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Phytochemical screening, primary metabolite.carbohydrates,protein.