GC-MS Studies of the Plant Clematis Gouriana

International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT)
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Volume - 1 Issue - 2                          
Year of Publication : 2011
Authors :J.Arul Hency Sheela


J.Arul Hency Sheela "GC-MS Studies of the Plant Clematis Gouriana", International Journal of Biotech Trends and Technology (IJBTT), V1(2):11-17 April - June 2011. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


The aim of the present study was to investigate the essential chemicals of the plant clematis gouriana..The GC-MS analysis is done using the instrument GC Clarus 500 Perkin Elmer with Turbo mass 5.2 software. The sample volume is 2?L. The sample Ethanolic extract of clematis gouriana. Is run for 36 minutes. The chromatogram (Figure.10) shows 14 prominent peaks in the Retention time range 12.195-29.031.


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Clematis Gouriana, GC-MS Analysis, Chromatogram, Retention time.